Accident & Emergency - GRAB Sheet

Please note this very important information from DERBYSHIRE HEALTHCARE NHS FOUNDATION TRUST

The Trust has an important information sheet known as the ‘AE Grab Sheet’ for individuals with autism or suspected autism, to complete in advance of an admission to hospital. In the East Midlands Emergency Services rely on this ‘grab sheet’ to guide their treatment of Autistic patients. Given the Coronavirus pandemic, the Trust feel that that it will be very helpful at this time if individuals with Autism were to complete one these sheets in advance in case they need to be admitted to hospital at short notice. The trust believe that some individuals may need support in completing this application.

We are supporting the trust by distributing a copy of this AE Grab to our clients, members and followers. In doing so we are very aware that for some people this information may be distressing and we don’t wish to cause any alarm. This is simply a wise precautionary measure by the Trust, and an attempt to always consider the needs of Autistic patients in the best way possible. It would be helpful please if you yourselves distributed this information in a considerate manner.

Download the GRAB sheet here and fill it in, or ask your parent/carer to help you.