Back to School! Advice for Parents, Carers and Autistic Pupils

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

We are aware that it's back to school day tomorrow, and we wanted to provide you with some resources that might help calm your child and help with preparedness. We have two resources and we think that they are great for autistic children in both mainstream and also special needs education.

If you're concerned about your child returning to school, please use these resources and sit down with them this evening. We hope that they are helpful.

Lenny and Lily Return to School
This book tells a story in pictures, but the materials that you need to read are also provided at the end of the book. You can use this to explain the story to your child as you go along. Please click the image below to access the book.

Lenny and Lily Return to School

Written by By Prof Barry Carpenter, Ali Erskine and Jenny Hawkes
illustrated by Charlotte Firmin. Kindly provided to Derbyshire Autism Services
by Books Beyond Words.

The Buddy Bots Go Back To School
This book is provided for free (all you need to do is sign up to Teacher's Pet, and you don't have to receive any newsletters since you can opt out). It provides a great flip-style story book with accessible illustrations and text. It will teach your child about how the environment might change due to the schools reopening under different conditions. More importantly, it provides positivity and will let your child understand that they will still be able to have fun.

Click here to access the Teacher's Pet page where you can obtain this book. You can get access to this book and four more during your one month of free subscription.