Transition from child to adult services

We realise that the transition from being a child, with a well-developed, tried and tested support network, into being an adult where you’re not sure what the future holds, can be a difficult and stressful time for everyone involved.

Where your child is already receiving a service from us, we will meet with you to have a focussed transition plan in place, to set everyone’s mind at ease and to make sure that no support is lost along the way.

We will start this in very good time so that you and your child have the opportunity to work alongside us to secure the funding and the support you both need.

Where your child doesn’t yet receive a service from us but you feel that we could help him or her to reach their goals as an adult, we’ll be ready to work with you both to create a package of support that will do just that. The earlier we can all start on planning this journey, the easier it is!

We run regular transition group meetings, which will give parents/carers the opportunity to voice any concerns they have about the process and to have their questions answered by us, by experts and professionals or by others who have been through the process.