Impact of COVID-19 Survey for Individuals Living with ASC/LD and their Carers

Derby and Derbyshire CCG are seeking to assess the impact of COVID-19 on individuals living with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and/or Learning Difficulties (LD) and their carers, with specific focus on their ability to access services during this time and affect to their mental health.

The survey is accessible by clicking here. Participants will be able to follow the link and answer the questions accordingly. There is an easy read version available here, but please be mindful that you need to scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to return it.

The survey can be completed over the phone if this is the preferred method for participants. You can have access to a copy to read to provide a verbal response. Alternatively, the questions can be read to the participants and filled in by the call handler, depending on preference. You are also welcome to call 01332 228 790 where they will be given the option to leave a message asking our partners to call them back to answer the questions with them.

The survey is accessible as follows:

· Via this link.

· Telephone: 01332 228 790

· Electronoically: